Pellet stove for small space

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I have a 200 sq ft room that sticks out of the back of my house. It is on a slab and is a heat sucker. I refuse to use my baseboard heat in there! I installed a Castle Serenity stove a few years back and it works great but it is oversized and even on low I have to keep shutting it down. The heat does not circulate into the rest of the house, even with fans which are annoyingly loud! The Castle has a thermostat but does not turn off and on itself. Any suggestions for a pellet stove for this small of a space?
That's a pretty small area to heat. I'd suggest a Harman P38 but even that's 10x the output you need and running on low fire all the time makes for a dirty stove. If you can, use fans to push cool air towards the stove, this most times works better then trying to blow the heat away from the stove.
try running a air purifier in a room or 2. I have 2 of these in my place (not a big home) to help with my little ones allergy's. They are nice and quiet and circulate the air nicely around the house along with the ceiling fan in the room with the stove.. Does not take much air movement to move the heat around. I tried fans before to help move the heat around a little faster and i actually count it made things worse
Maybe an Enviro p3 running in auto would work for you
On to set room temp then turns itself off. When heat
needed turns itself back on. Small stove on a small footprint
Thank you for all of your suggestions. I don’t think there is a pellet solution for this problem. Last winter I cracked a window when it got too hot which seems a waste but it sallowed me to continue to use pellets instead of oil. If the price of oil drops below the price of pellets I will make the switch.