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    We are planning on building a bungalow of about 900 sq ft. with cathedral ceilings. What we want to do is turn over half the basement into one large room for everyday living- and we were planning on putting in a medium size air-tight stove. However we have been looking at pellet stoves. Whichever we choose- we want it to be our primary heat source (we are putting in electric baseboards upstairs for back-up if needed.) We are planning on placing vents leading upstairs to transfer the heat there as needed. My question is which stove should we get- the pellet which circulates the heat more evenly- or the wood which radiates it more centrally?


    In the end- the heat produced by either stove will circulate around the home- especially if vents are placed in the ceiling. The decision for wood or pellets should be made by comparing the costs of the fuels- and also figuring in that Pellets are easier to operate. If you like burning wood- and can get wood free or cheap ..then it;s a good option. Pellet stoves do need electric to operate- and need to be maintained and serviced. So- ask around and get all the facts so you can make an informed decision. <p>
    HearthNet has a calculator where you can compare the cost of most fuels at the link below.

    Link: Compare the cost of Fuels
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