Pellet stove problens info and parts info for the Pellet masters stoves and many others

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Jan 1, 2006 at 2:58 PM

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    Yes they do, but try getting them to answer the phone, return emails etc..terrible business practices.

    I need parts and an owners manual, they dont have it in stock....can get any eta cause they dont answer the phone.
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    hello this is Rod the owner of

    Sorry about not getting to the phone.
    we are a retail store and our walk in local customers are priority for it is our bread and butter we have been VERY busy
    We get over 200 phone calls a week just from the internet site and can not get to all of them at this time of year.

    We do not to trouble shooting over the phone if we did I would need a staff of 50 people 24 hours a day.

    Email is Best and we do our best to return Emails in the same day.
    if you send us an email and we did not respond we may not have recieved it or our reply was bounced by a spam blocker.
    i have 3 people returning email from 6am to 11 PM pacific.

    I want to say sorry to some of you that are waiting for manuals
    Our Master copies got messed up and I am trying to find some fresh ones to make copies to send out to you all.
    You get a Trouble shooting guide with the manual when we send the manuals out.

    I hope to get some manuals next week
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