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    Help,I need a little information! Before starting the pellet stove this year I noticed that the three prong plug was gray on the round part maybe that part is the grounding wire. Anyway the stove still works and the gray part doesn't rub off. What caused it to turn gray? Should I buy a surge protector? If so is there some special kind to buy for this expensive pellet stove that I don't want to be zapped by lightning. My computers have been zapped twice and practically everything else electric is on a surge protector. Thanks in advance for answering .


    A surge protector is a good idea. You may also find that this type of damage is covered by your homeowners policy.

    Don't buy the really cheap protectors. The decent ones are $20-$30. and are rated for more sensitive electronic equipment.

    Another option is a UPS power supply with built-in surge protector. These have a battery built into them and can keep your stove running in a power failure. There are some unit made just for Pellet stoves but i see no reason why the (cheaper) computer models would not work..in fact, I used one for this previously. Just make certain you get a large enough model to keep the stove going for awhile.
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