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    Hi- We just recently bought a two family home that has electric heat and no chimney. We were thinking of putting in a pellet stove in the basement to supplement our heat. The foundation is cement and there are three small windows also the it is a full open basement. Question
    #1 Can the stove be vented out one of the windows or do we have to go through the foundation? Assuming that the window is far enough above the ground level- and you could place a piece of sheet metal in to run the pipimg through..Be sure all the clearances stated in the owners manual are followed.
    2 In an open basement will the stove produce enough heat to make it worth the investment? ( We were thinking of placing a metal vent in the floor/wall and let the heat rise on its own) We live in CT in case the zoning is different. any info or suggestions would be usefull Also are there different sizes depending on the area that is to be heated or is it just controlled by temp. setting?


    I recommend against putting a stove in the basement and letting the heat flow upward. The basement will suck up a lot of the useful heat. Most Pellet Stoves are "one size fits all"- because they can be easily adjusted to higher and lower settings.<p>
    As far as venting, you have to follow the instruction manual and codes. The vent must be a certain distance above the ground for both fire safety and to avoid clogging from snow.
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