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Mnpellet Posted By Mnpellet, Jan 5, 2018 at 6:59 PM

  1. Mnpellet

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    Jan 5, 2018
    Northern Minnesota
    Hi, I’m new to this forum and as of this fall new to pellet stoves. We bought a pelpro pp130 as a backup heat source if something was to go wrong with our primary heat which is a propane gas boiler. I know this is a low end unit but figured it would be fine for what we need it for. Since we’ve only had it a couple months only time will tell how it will hold up but so far I am amazed about its performance! Although we bought it for back up we have been using it as our primary heat for a while to see how it would do in our sub zero weather in our 1700 sqft house. I loaded it over 72 hrs ago and it is still going! Over 72 hours on 130# of hardwood pellets. We live in northern Minnesota where temps have been -2 to -37 during this time. First level has been around 73* upper level around 68*. I do run the boiler for about 15 minutes twice a day to keep floors from being really cold but that’s it. Just thought I would share as I’ve found this site to be very helpful!
  2. kenora

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    I've got the same pelpro 130 in my garage (24x30) 2x6 constr with r60 in the ceiling and insulated shutters (R12 foam) over the windows and insulated stable doors in front of the insulated overhead doors (R20 foam), I bought it used from kijiji and am so impressed I'm getting another for the basement. I think its an awesome stove for the money.

    Congrats on yours and stay warm :)

    Cheers from NW Ontario Canada
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