PelPro - Sounded Like a Car Alarm

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New Member
May 21, 2019
Cedar Springs, MI
Hello. This is my first post. We are new to the Pellet Stove world and frankly, I'm still a little afraid of the thing. My husband turned our stove on last night for the first time in a couple of weeks. I woke about at about 5:30 this morning to what sounded like a car alarm going off in the distance. As I made my way to look outside to see if it was one of ours, I realized that the noise got louder as I neared the basement door. Our stove is in the basement vented out the back wall. It was not a loud screeching noise, just a pattern of weird hums that sounded like a car alarm. We have only had the stove since January and my husband regularly cleans/vacuums it out. The fire was blazing, but the noise concerned me so we shut it off. Is this something anyone else has ever heard? Should we be concerned and what could it be? Thanks in advance.
Sounds like the Convection blower that blows the heat out the front has some screeching noise from the ball bearings in the motor wearing out.
I'd agree with Don2222... I've got a PelPro 130 and have had the fan out...its a 5 minute job... pop it out and spin it by hand, clean it up and lube the bearings....