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Newfiestang Posted By Newfiestang, Nov 8, 2018 at 12:03 PM

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    Folks, was looking to just replace my aging wood boiler (non gaser) with another non gaser however I am finding it very difficult to find a suitable unit that has a decent heat exchanger....seems to me these are being phased out. So with that said I am back to looking at my possibilities of going with a gasification boiler.

    I have spoken with the Froiling dealer in Ontario and really like those units. One obstical I currently have is an existing oil boiler that I need to keep in the system as my backup heat. It also has a DHW coil that I want to keep as well......which seems to be what is complicating the design. I have attached the piping diagram below that seems to be close to what would work for me but I dont need the DHW HX since it is already in my oil boiler as mentioned above. I would like to remove the heat exchanger from the design below and instead pipe in my current oil boiler in that location.

    So with that said my question is around the controls part of keeping the water hot in the oil boiler so that the DHW is available at all times from the coil in that boiler.....does this make sense and is it doable.

    Next question is around the closely spaced Tees in the primary loop of this diagram. Are these necessary, why cant the heating zones just be piped directly off the hot water out from the storage tank after the tee where the oil boiler would replace the DHW HXer and the cold return water from the zones just return at the bottom piping into circulator P2. I would also not need the mixing valve as well as I have high temp baseboard heaters.

    Can some of the experts here please provide some insight on this design and the changes I am proposing. If a better concept is available I am all ears.

    Thanks Boiler Piping storage before aux boiler.JPG

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