Please give me your real world experience with a Woodstock Absolute Steel

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From Away

Jul 2, 2021
Central Maine
I have to buy a new stove because I cannot get parts to rebuild my WS Keystone. I am really confused by the various recommendations made to me, since different dealers are recommending stoves on opposite ends of the spectrum concerning size and btu output. After researching some on the btu output and recommended sq.ft., it seems that it makes even less sense to me. I think I have narrowed it down though. One of them being the Woodstock Absolute Steel.

Another member on here recommended I get some real world experience to help make my decision. That sounded like really good advice, so here I am.
Can you give me your experiences with the WS Absolute?
How do you think it will work for my house?

Here are my house specs...
I am also attaching our house floor plan in PDF format.
#1- I calculated the square footage for the first floor at a measured 682 sq. ft. and that includes the staircase. The ceiling height on the first floor is 7"10".
#2- I calculated the square footage of the second floor at a measured 497.5 sq. ft. and that includes closet spaces. The ceiling height on the second floor is 6'10".
#3- The total sq. ft. for both floors is 1,179.5 sq. ft.
#4- The home is constructed with 2X6 walls and I can only assume it is insulated accordingly.
#5- I live in Central Maine.
#6- Windows on first floor are older double pane.
#7- There is no heat source on the second floor.

Any feedback before I make a decision?

Thanks in advance!


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