PLEASE HELP!! Smoking Hearthstone Phoenix

jkeczy Posted By jkeczy, Mar 4, 2011 at 1:22 PM

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    From what I have been told the ceramic blanket is to keep the combustion working below--with more even heating to the stove--plus the manual states it's to lessen the emission from the stove? Some seem to fear that if it is not there--the top stone will crack? The problem I had with the blanket is that is moved in the stove and blocked the draft-(through a couple of explosions in the stove (for some unknown reason)-creating a lot of smoke back into the room--regardless of how hot the chimney was. This ceramic blanket lays right on top of the baffle and it is not attached to keep it in place. When I pulled it out it was full of ash and torn--and the stove is drafting fine now--no smoke coming back into the room at all. If you want to replace the ceramic blanket the only place I could find that had one is on-line at Wood Heat and Solar. There are 3 different Phoenix stoves--so you would have to find the model number of your stove--then they have a parts component chart that is easy to use and you can order all parts that way.. The Phoenix II takes a 3120-210 blanket if that is your model?--it's fairly cheap around $22.00. Here is the link for the 8612 Phoenix II--and it will show you all the parts of the stove--this company seems to stock everything. The second link is their web-site where you order the parts--after obtaining the part number from the below pdf file link. 8612 exploded view.pdf
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