Pro-Former-Z Wood/Coal Stove

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Mar 25, 2006
We just bought a house with a Pro-Former-Z ram air injection system stove. It burns wood and coal. We were left instructions but they refer to a RAM-Air adjustment slide rod. It is supposed to allow combustible aire to be naturally drawn into the fire chamber. We have no idea what this is. There is a rod to adjust the damper and there are two rods on the left side of the stove. On seems to be used to shake ashes out of the firebox but we are not sure what the other one does. Could this be the RAM-air adjustment rod?
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Nov 21, 2005
Casper Wyoming
More than likely. Have you had the chimney inspected? If not get that done first and aske the sweep about the controls. If you have had it inspected and it's in good working order then get some newspaper wad it up lightly and light it up. Then push the rod all the way in or out and see what the fire does. If the fire becomes more active one way or the other then that's your air control. Honestly though I don't know else it could be other than another shaker grate handle that doesn't function for some reason.
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