Propane vs Electric vs Wood heat? Who Wins?


Minister of Fire
Apr 14, 2013
43°58'55 N - 85°20' W
I I have been keeping 4 year ahead on cut split in the yard and I just got two nice easy trees this spring, 4 more cord in three days, half nice oak that fell by itself.
4 cords from two trees? Holy cripes how tall and big around are those buggers? Two years ago we scored some beautiful healthy oaks that didn't survive a wind storm. The storm came through at the time when the crowns were at their fullest. 95% of the downed trees were aspen and oak. Back to the cords per tree, I haven't seen close to 2 cords from one tree. For the record a cord to me is 4' x 4' x 8' = 128 cubic feet in volume. I have seen trees while hiking some trails in Pennsylvania that might get close to that, beautiful trees for sure.


Feeling the Heat
Oct 5, 2011
It took a long time to get the right arrangement but I've been staying ahead just with neighbor's trees. But I do routinely pay 75$ / cord for the tree on the ground after it's down, depending on who the neighbor is. This area everyone has always been sensitive about people taking a downed tree, other people got complaints.

So it's going faster because the routine is established now. This winter burning has been super easy. Mostly cleaned out of the lower quality, prepared damaged fuel, and this year's burn was 3 year seasoned nice white oak, that the neighbor paid to take down, but then I somehow ended up with the firewood from it. That tree was conservatively, 3+ cord.

Then spring last year was super easy because one neighbor I pay for the nice quality red oaks that fall, I paid him $150 cash and said that tree I got was 1.5 cord. I have two saws and a splitter. I count 1/2 cords equals a max fill load of the Tundra, as many red oak splits as the truck can carry, back to my yard. Second tree was 1+ cord swamp maple that was in my yard and blocking sun. The day count went very fast. I am thinking bulk of the work was done in four days for the two trees. That would be cut, split, and moved to my yard.

Then there was another storm this year and it was my adjacent neighor. Beocoup wood. I still have sawmill logs out there if I can get them to the sawmill.