Proposed NH Tax on Efficient Vehicles

snocross1985 Posted By snocross1985, Jan 22, 2016 at 8:25 AM

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    That works if your state doesn't have an voter initiative option. Unfortunately WA state does and it has become an abysmal failure since one individual has made it his career to exploit the process. In the mid-1990's he was pissed because his heavy SUV had higher excise tax on it which is paid annually with the license fees. Those monies went directly into our state transportation budget which among other things manages the largest ferry system in the US. This asshat drums up a campaign to completely eliminate this source of funding with no replacement. He never used the ferry system so no skin off his nose. Our state is highly polarized between the agricultural east and the more urban west side of the Cascades. Killing the excise tax was popular with the eastern side (never used the ferry system) and those that hate paying for any govt. service. The initiative passed and we lost transportation funding. This fool filled with success has since made a career (and money) out of exploitation of our initiative system with populist measures to hogtie the very people we elect to keep the state running. 16 yrs later and we have bridges failing, a crippled ferry system, and a gridlocked legislature. And this dude now makes a paid career at destroying democracy. He is too cowardly to run for office and would rather get paid by the wealthy to help further their agendas.
    Fortunately he is now under investigation for misuse of funds.

    side note:
    In August 2006 a Thurston County judge blocked a tongue-in-cheek initiative (I-831)[43] proposed by Seattle-area computer programmer and blogger David Goldstein that would have allowed voters to criticize - or support - Tim Eyman by declaring, "The citizens of the state of Washington do hereby proclaim that Tim Eyman is a horse's ass."
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    I hear ya BG, its like "NIMBYISM" in a way, some folks want the goodies but don't want to pay for them, others don't want to pay for "other people's goodies" like the guy who tried to kill the ferry system because he didn't use it.

    guess he doesn't mind driving on beat up roads huh.

    taxes on gas was a wonderfully hidden way of gaining funding for highways and the like, but with the newer fuel efficient vehicles and electrics that don't use gas the revenue to maintain the roads dries up. so, you either increase the gas tax (which those driving EV's would be happy to support cause they don't use none) or you find "useage based" methods to supplement or replace the gas tax.

    or you just drive on beat up, pothole filled, dangerous and destructive to your vehicle, roads.
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    With the privacy advocates all distraught about "usage based" methods and the "government knowing where you're at all the time". That puts us back to the anonymous method of raising fuel taxes, and stabbing EV owners when they renew their tags. If anyone cares to analyze highway motor fuel taxes, here are some resources for data: Wikipedia page "Fuel taxes in the United States", State Prices: AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report, Federal excise tax $0.184 (gas) & $0.244 (diesel).
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