Pump Head - scale resistance

jebatty Posted By jebatty, Feb 25, 2012 at 4:29 PM

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    I wanted to use some old galvanized pipe to extend a supply line, and it had a lot of scale in it. I found the formula for determining scale resistance:

    A * [(B + C)(D - E) - F(G*H) ] / J = I, where I = scale resistance

    A = atmospheric pressure
    B = Barf's constant
    C = velocity coefficient
    D = Daviididoff's diameter of equivalent non-scaleable pipe
    E = e
    F = Fahrenheit of Fluid
    G = galvanized pipe length
    H = free hydrogen volume
    J = Jared's fudge factor

    First use the engineering toolbox formula for pump head for non-scale pipe, then take that to I'th power. It really works. I put a flow meter on the extended line, and the calculated flow was within the accepted error factor of 15' of the measured pump head.

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