Putting fire to bed?

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Sep 24, 2022
New member here. So many questions already answered - thank you all for your shared knowledge!

We have a new Hearthstone Heritage soapstone wood stove. Went through the break-in fires and all seems good. But I have two questions about what to do at the end of the day.

Right now, it isn’t consistently cold enough for us to need the fire 24/7. We have let the fire burn down, but it has still had red coals and the stove is still hot when we go to bed. Should we be leaving the primary air control at low burn and the bypass handle closed while it cools overnight?

And when it does get cold enough to want consistent heat from the stove, what is the best way to prevent the fire from going completely cold overnight- without major creosote risks - so we can just add new fuel in the morning? Just move the primary air control to low burn? Something more?

Thank you!


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It’s fine to let the fire go out with the primary turned down.

The best way to keep the stove warm overnight is to reload before bed.
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