Quad getting HOTTT

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Oct 25, 2015
Greenville, SC
Hey guys,

Not sure if I had an over-fire or not, but I got into some of my "good" wood. Moisture is 15-18%.

The last several burns, I'd do a 1/2 - 3/4 reload and after 20-30 min slowly begin closing off the air to get it cruising nicely. But after another 20 min or so, I've noticed that with air 3/4 closed and having the nice slow-motion rolling flames that the air and radiant heat felt REALLY hot.

I took my IR gun and shot it down the the slot where the hot air returns to the room and in the center of the stove it read just a hair over 700F. Visually, I did not see the baffles or anything else glowing. So I closed off the air all the way and the fire died down a lot but the temp still remained at 700-710F, then I cracked the door for literally a min and the temperature dropped down the the mid 600's. After that I put the air back to 3/4 and the remaining burn cycle remained between 550 and 625F. This exact pattern has happened a few times over the past couple of weeks.

What are some thoughts, too hot? normal and enjoy the warmth?

If it's too hot, what could be some things causing this? The door seems to seal tight, the stove responds immediately to adjustments to the air flow lever. Could it just be dry wood?

Any advice would be appreciated.
My Quad Millennium 3100 loves 700-750. I’ve been told on here to start dialing things back sooner, and that seems to work. Still, that was when I was hitting well over 700, and one time 950! I can cross two logs and get that thing over 700.

If you enjoy freaking out other stove guys, just tell them your Quadrafire burns the wood 4 times and that’s why it’s so hot ;)

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700 is a comfortable maximum for most people. It drops when you open the door because you send all that heat up the flue and the cooler room air comes in.

That said, if you want, start adjusting your air down a tad sooner. That’ll help keep the temps a bit lower.
700º and nothing glowing is fine. Turn the blower on high if you want to bring the temp down a bit. Closing off the air sooner will help lower peak burn temp.
Thanks guys. I did exactly that yesterday evening. Closing the air off a bit earlier seemed to fix the problems. Max temp stayed in 650 range.