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  1. D

    Over fire control

    Hello, I have a wood stove in my new to me house that seems to over fire very easily even with the wood stove air damper completely shut. It is a Century Heating FW3000 wood stove with approximately 26’ of double wall flue. I am wondering if I should look at adding a flue butterfly damper to...
  2. J

    Understanding Insert temperature

    Have a Clydesdale insert. Second season using it and enjoy it quite a bit. Am still trying to understand the idea of not overfiring the insert. So have a temp gauge just behind the grate. Also have IR gun. Hearthstone mentions not to regularly go above 600. I can get there pretty quickly and can...
  3. C

    Quad getting HOTTT

    Hey guys, Not sure if I had an over-fire or not, but I got into some of my "good" wood. Moisture is 15-18%. The last several burns, I'd do a 1/2 - 3/4 reload and after 20-30 min slowly begin closing off the air to get it cruising nicely. But after another 20 min or so, I've noticed that...
  4. Crimson Blaze

    Stove pipe temperature (over firing)

    Hi everyone! I have a small Morso 1440 wood burning stove. Our manual says that its maximum temperature is 750 degrees when measures on the stove pipe at 20 cm above the stove. Above 750 in that spot is considered over firing. However, we have a double walled stove pipe, so we can't get an...
  5. LAndrim

    Quadrafire Yosemite Overfire

    HI Everyone, I have a small Quadrafire Yosemite wood stove that has served me well over the years. Lately I can't seem to regulate the air...I get raging fires. After the fire gets going, I pull the two air knobs out all the way, but the fires still rages. They both fully extend out and they...
  6. W

    Stove Burning Hotter This Year... Why And What To Do?

    I have been burning in our Jotul F 500 stove for about eight seasons now. Each season comes with a few incidents where the fire seems to rage out of control. But this season is different. It seems to occur much more frequently. Almost any time I load the stove full with wood (usually at...
  7. Sootfoot


    I've asked this question before. But I haven't received an creditable answer based on location of temperature. Forgive me if I'm being difficult.... Right now, as we speak , I have a bunch of small American elm 2-3" logs shoved onto a HOT bed of hard maple coals. My stove is so packed, I...