Understanding Insert temperature

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New Member
Dec 17, 2019
Westchester County, NY
Have a Clydesdale insert. Second season using it and enjoy it quite a bit. Am still trying to understand the idea of not overfiring the insert. So have a temp gauge just behind the grate. Also have IR gun. Hearthstone mentions not to regularly go above 600. I can get there pretty quickly and can maintain a temp in the 550-650 pretty easily. Every now and then it jumps up to 650-700 even with damper shut down.

my question is, if I up the fan and things cool down to say 550, is the fan just cooling the surface temperature and could the firebox still be “too hot”? The other night I used the IR gun to measure just below the grate where Hearthstone says to measure. With fan on fairly high the temp read around 550. Bower I tried the IR gun on a dark area of the glass and it read much higher— maybe 650. Also tried point gun at a log and it registered over 700. So if the fan helps bring down the surface temp is that all I need to worry about?
Running the fan increases the heat transfer from the stove surface to the air. This will in turn lower the internal surface temperatures of the fire box.