quadra-fire overheat issue

msdickerson Posted By msdickerson, Nov 6, 2008 at 2:32 PM

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  1. jtp10181

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    You could have an older grey control box, which is why I asked if it was clear. I am not sure how the old grey ones work exactly. For the clear ones when you call for heat it should not blink blue, only when power is restored to the unit. When you call for heat there will be a red call for heat light usually on the outside of the unit. The control box will first light up green (solid) then eventually go to red (solid). The only blinking is either the blue status light only at initial power up, or an error code.
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    Hello everyone,

    I had the same smoke problem with my Castile, I followed the advice given here and my stove is running like it did when I bought it 3 years ago! A little maintaince goes a long way. I found soot everywhere, behind the left brick it was almost six inches tall! I used the heat exchanger scraper every day never thinking what it actually did, yes the tray was overflowing when I removed it. The two bricks were a little difficult to remove but finally budged enough for me to remove them. Thanks again for the great advice.
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