Quadrafire alternative?? they are backordered for a year!!!

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Sep 17, 2008
First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cindy and for the last 5 years, my hubby and I have been building our own home. We are getting very close to finishing and will move in around Christmas. All along, I have planned on using a Quadrafire 7100 fp. So now that I have framed up the fireplace for it and went to order it, I find out that Quadrafire switched the wood burner production line into making pellet stoves instead and I will not be able to get a quadrafire until September 2009. And the price has gone up by over $1000 too. I am really disapointed!! Now I need to find something else that looks as good and performs well. I want to be able to heat 2200 sq ft. I want non catalytic and I want glass doors so I can see the fire. It needs to be able to fit in the same sized opening. But it also needs to be able to run with the doors open and with no blower in case of power outages. Can anyone suggest something for me? Thanks....

Hi Cindy. First, I don't think you will find many zero clearance fireplaces that you can run with the doors open. I think the Quad is one of the few that makes a screen. The good news is, most all of them can be burnt without power, you just won't have the fan. Effeciency is gained through the ZC fireplace by using all outside air for combustion and the fact that you can control that air. If you were without power, you would not want to burn with the doors open, as the fire will burn extremely hot and fast and suck the warm air out of your house to feed the fire.

But I digress. I assume you cannot get your hands on the Heat n Glo NorthStar or the Heatilator Constitution either? They are made by the same manufacturer, but it may be worth checking around.

Otherwise, I think it is quite likely you are going to have to do some re-framing. I don't think you will find another ZC that needs the exact opening of the Quad. Here are some to check out anyway (these are similar looking to the Quad with arched doors and such):

BIS Tradition
Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 44 Elite (sorry, I think this one is cat - but it would give you a good shot at heating 2200 sq ft)
Napoleon NZ6000 High Country

There are also some nice fireplaces that are more of a box but may end up working:

Kozy Heat (I have the Z42CD with custom screens)

There are others, but hopefully this helps.
Retire, Thanks. It looks like a good stove, but the stove I need has to be a zero clearence built-in stove. There is no room in the space for a stove sitting in the room and the chimney flu and hearth are already framed up for a built-in stove. I do need a second stove for the sunroom though, and that might be a good one for that space.

Dude...I'll check those out. I know I don't want a catalytic stove though! I had a BIS stove in my old house and hated it. The refractory wasn't real fire brick...it was stamped brick pattern on a thin piece of refractory material and it broke up the first winter of use. Don't want that to happen!! I do think I can get heatalator. Strange I can get that one but not the Quad. I'll check into the others you mentioned as well. thanks so much.

Regency does make a ZC fireplace as well, but if memory serves it is quite small. I don't think it would give you much of a shot of heating 2200 sq. ft.
I really wish I could get the Quad. I love the look of it. But the cost went up to over $6000 installed, and it's only a one story house!! Plus the year-long wait for it.
I could be wrong, but I think the Heatilator is basically the same thing as the Quad. I think it has a slightly smaller firebox, but otherwise is the same. If you liked the Quad, you should be happy with the Heatilator or Heat n Glo.

$6K seems high, but supply and demand is a real beast these days. Just remember, I have a 1700 sq foot house and would spend about $2,500 a year on propane. I spend $7,500 to have mine installed because I had to have the old one removed, everything re-framed, etc. I still think it is worth it. Plus $6K is only about $36/month on a 30 year mortgage :)
When you put it that way, I guess it wouldn't take very many years to pay for that install. I am in South Carolina, but it would still probably take $1200 per winter to heat with propane. At that rate, the stove would pay for it's self in 5 years. I won't be using the propane furnace much....mainly to knock the chill off the house in the morning. The wood stove will be our primary source of heat though. I will look into the heatilator and heat n glo. The specs on the heatilator do not claim the long burn time of the quad, but I think I read that the quad's burn times exaggerated anyway so it may not be much of a difference.
Regency has a zero clearance wood fireplace, the R90 and EX90 (same unit - different front face). It has a similar look to the Quad with a nice arched front and an optional screen for the door if you want to burn it with the door open. Though The_Dude is right - you'll get better efficiency with the door closed. The brochure says it will heat 1000 to 2200 sq. ft. - a lot depends on room layout and how air circulates in your home.

brochure: http://www.regency-fire.com/Brochure/2008-Wood-brochure.pdf
I just removed my Quad 7100fp. Putting in a freestanding stove instead. Its for sale but I am in Iowa..... Rats!
I'd be really interested in buying it, if there were a way to get it on a truck and shipped here! Why did you take it out? Don't you like it?
It's a great fireplace. Actually it is hard to describe isn't it. Not really a stove, but calling it a fireplace doesn't do it justice because of the efficiency. It is in great shape and I have two heat zones with it. I was planing to put it in the for sale section one of these days. figure someone might want it. They are really expensive units but figured someone might jump at a reduced price :) I belive I bought mine in '04 and is in great shape. PM me if you really would be interested.
Shipping maybe reduced/somewhat reasonable if you are able to get the fireplace to a freight terminal, and pick it up at a freight terminal.

This might just work! So....is it feasible to expect a 4 to 5 year old stove to hold up long enough to make this a worthwhile purchase? I don't know what the life expectancy of these stoves is and I have read some stuff about baffles cracking on some of them. I never thought about buying one used, mainly because I never heard of anyone selling a zero clearance stove! This house is being built on a shoe string and any way I can save money in my already strained budget is welcome.
Depending on Tim's use, I think it is reasonable to think it would last for quite a while. I did hear that Quad's had issues with their baffles a few years back, but I think they have a kit through the dealer's to replace them. You would probably be money ahead. I am hoping to get at least 15 years out of my new zero clearance, so if it is 4 years old, I would hope you could get a good decade out of her. Good luck, I hope it works out for both of you. I feel like this thread turned into the missed connections section of Craigslist!
Tim IA said:
It's a great fireplace. Actually it is hard to describe isn't it. Not really a stove, but calling it a fireplace doesn't do it justice because of the efficiency. It is in great shape and I have two heat zones with it. I was planing to put it in the for sale section one of these days. figure someone might want it. They are really expensive units but figured someone might jump at a reduced price :) I belive I bought mine in '04 and is in great shape. PM me if you really would be interested.

I didn't see an answer to the original question on why you are ripping out. I'm interested as to why you would go to so much trouble to remove it after only 4 years.
Yes, I did not say why I removed the Quad. Hi, my name is Tim and I have caught a bad case of the wood stove disease. Like others on this forum, I love heating with wood and because of that, I am always checking up on other products. I basically always wanted a free standing stove, but ended up with a Quad 2100i in my prior house, then installed the Quad 7100fp in my current home. So we are gutting the family room now and finally going with the free standing stove. Purchased the Woodstock Fireview to check out the soapstone factor. It is sitting in the room in its crate right now.

As far as the issues with the cracked steal at the back of the stove that some other members have brough up, I don't see any wear there whatsoever on mine. I do make sure my insulation blanket is all the way to the back after cleaning the flue (not sure that matters but apparently it does) so maybe that is why.

I think I have another day to finish the drywall on the current project and then I can figure out my new hearth. Going with a corner install using the dry stack cultured stone on a raised hearth. I've been taking pictures as I go and might start posting them in the next few weeks as I get closer to finishing.
If the used Quad doesn't work out I'd still take a look at the BIS Tradition (Lennox sells the same unit under a different name...made by BIS-Security Chimney...which is owned by Lennox). I installed a BIS Tradition CE last winter and it uses real firebrick...not sure what model you had or how old it was.

My CE has been a good unit so far. Lots of heat & looks nice.
just a passing thought...you mentioned you don't have enough room for a free-standing stove....what size room / space are you putting a stove into?

I also considered the Quad 7100, but it pumped out too much heat for me. The Traditon CE is rated at 50K BTU & for my 1700 sqft home (cape cod, 1.5 stories, vaulted ceiling....) and it has been a perfect size...easily heats the whole house until it gets down below zero...then it'll maintain about 65F.

Too much heat can be an issue too...particularly in your warmer climate.
It's actually a fairly large area, but it's living room, dining room and kitchen all sort of open to each other with vaulted ceiling. And there is a huge sunroom right off this large open area that is separated by double french doors. If we get too much heat, those doors can be opened to heat that space as well, although heating that space is not a priority. In addition, there is a bedroom off the livingroom and another one down the hall from the kitchen. I suppose in a pinch, I could put a free standing unit in there, but really prefer the look of a zero clearence with nice stonework all the way to the ceiling. Plus I already have the framing done, the chimney done, all the sheetrock done. It would be a pain to re-work all that.

I don't want to steer you away from the Quad if that is what you really want, but if money is really a motivating factor, that I think you should consider other options. Your current rough opening for the Quad should be very close to many ZC fireplaces. Drywall and construction lumber is quite cheap right now, so I would not rule out doing a little reframing if necessary. The Quad rough opening should be 42"w x 45 7/8"h x 24"d. The cost of the Quad, fireplace only, is around $4,750.

The opening for a Kozy Heat Z42 is 42 1/2" W x 38 1/4"h x 26 1/4"d. The cost of the fireplace only is around $2,500. Plus it uses 6" pipe, so there is likely to be savings there. I would think your $6,000 install could come down quite a bit. More than enough to cover a little reframing. In my mind you would likely be money ahead.

I don't know how much the Xtrordinair fpx 36 costs, but it has very similar framing requirements to the Quad as well. 43"h x 45 1/2"w x 26"d.

See the link for some pics of my Kozy Heat Z42CD (cast doors) install. Still some touch up to do on the mortar, but you get the idea.

5 years ago I put in a Kozy Z42 for just under $3000. The 6" chimney saves a lot of $. I have around a 25' chimney. Great stove (zc fireplace), couldn't be happier.
Cindy a 2200ft house in SC can easily be heated by two portable electric heaters. If you want the 7100 just use some other source for the 2.5 months of non-summer weather this year and have it installed when they get one in. Heck you may be so happy without the 7100 that you'll go out and buy a snowmobile!
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