Quadrafire CB flame help


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Feb 2, 2008
Northampton, PA
With the stove running look through the control side panel and see if the auger ever cahnges direction. If the cap went bad it could let the motor turn the wrong way
Any idea what your auger "off time" is on your 1200 on high?


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May 1, 2019
I dont see a different between high and low except for fan speed. Anyone have any info on the different times? Also one thing I did that made a huge difference I put a small restrictor plate at the end of pipe. From the get go I thought I was getting too much airflow and pellets burn to quickly. Now I'm getting taller flamed. Also how many bags do you think I would go through on high a day. This might get really expensive lol.


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Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
cycle times. The auger has an "On" time of 95 seconds at start up. So when you get the call for heat, the auger turns for 1:35 straight.
High "on" time is 7.5 seconds off for 5.45 sec
Med is on time 6 seconds off for 6.75 sec
Low is on for 4.7 seconds off for 8.0 sec

I have adjusted the post to reflect the on / off timing, but if the auger doesn’t change it’s timing from low to high. You may have a control board issue. There are odd cases where the use of a damper on the stove is used to correct the burn rate and quad does make a damper kit. I actually have a damper in mine it has worked great for years.
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