Quadrafire Discovery 1 log size

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Yes, you can cook on the Discovery 1. Just made spaghetti tonight on it from frozen hamburger, sauce and boiled the noodles. (To see what it's like)

You'll need to get it in the "burn zone" and then you'll appreciate the jacketed sides as it gets hot cooking. Took about 1:45 min to complete the meal.

Quadrafire Discovery 1 log size Quadrafire Discovery 1 log size Quadrafire Discovery 1 log size
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How are you guys still liking the discoveries? I keep coming back to this stove but I'm hearing mix things on getting an overnight burn on them and your ability to slow the stove down..
I am totally loving mine. Typically if I stuff it with 14"-15" pieces I'll have enough embers to start it up again in the morning. Even without embers this is the easiest cold starting stove I have ever owned (Vermont Casting, Hearthstone and Consolidated Dutchwest). At first I kind of missed the ability to run the stove on a low burn but the silver lining of a hot burn is clean stove pipes. At this point in my life I also appreciate the raised stove plus the small storage bin underneath is very convenient. This stove can heat our 2k sq ft home (open flr plan) surprisingly well. If your looking for a good smaller stove I have no hesitation recommending it.