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    Hi-I going to buy a stove very soon. My main concern is buying a stove that will be too big and make the room too hot. I'm not using it to heat the house but mainly for coziness. I'm therefore leaning toward a smaller stove. However- why do larger stoves generate more heat? If I put the same amount of wood in a large stove versus a small one- isn't the amount of energy the same.I've seen a stove I like but it's a little big. The next one down in size doesn't have the same appearance or fireview. Can I buy a medium sized stove (versus small) and still control the heat?


    A big fire in a small stove is more efficient than a small fire in a big stove. Sort of like a car engine- more efficiency at higher revs..... That said- most stoves today are EPA approved to burn well at lower rates- so it may not hurt to get the medium stove

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