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    I am looking into getting a gas wall heater for my house. It would be installed in my family room 25X14. I would like to be able to heat the whole house if necessary (one level 1650 sq ft.). I know that radiant heaters heat the objects in the room first while air heaters heat the air first. Would the radiant heater just heat the objects in the room which it's installed? Which type of heater is better for heating a single room?Heating the whole house?


    Both types of heat eventually turn to convective heat (moving air).
    In general, a convection heater will do the job of spreading the heat around quicker. A radiant heater will heat you up quicker from a cold start if you are in the room or right in front of it. Also, if you have a very large area that cannot be heated, like a warehouse or lumber yard, radiant heaters work best by projecting the heat right through the cold air to your body.
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