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    I'm still a year or two away from building the addition that will house a shop, bigger garage, and wood gasification boiler. I'm trying to get a grasp on my propane usage in the meantime. I built a system that monitors the temperature of the boiler pipes for each of the three zones and the boiler temp. I have three zones in the house (two story contemporary built in 84 lots of windows and 2x6 walls). The zones are Living Room ( sunken about 4' from main level with 8' ceiling); main level with cathedral ceiling above part; and baseboard heat in the upstairs bedrooms. I have attached a picture of the floor plan with dimensions.

    I also have attached the plot of the temperatures from last night 9pm (21 degrees outside) to 7am this morning (18 degrees). Does it seem like the living room is calling for alot of heat? I'm tempted to turn that zone way down from 8pm to 3pm the next day.

    The Boiler Return (could be supply cause they are all connected) fluctuates 80 degrees while the living room fluctuation is 20 degrees. I assume the bump in the baseboard reading is due to the conductive gains on the pipe surface as these are all relatively close proximity.

    I've been using about 200 gallons per month of propane to heat the house and DHW.

    Thoughts.... Comments?

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