Ravelli Francesca - Service & 08-Depression

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Nov 17, 2020
I recently bought a Ravelli Francesca 2015 used. Brilliant to wait until it gets cold to work through this.
It works well overall, but keeps shutting down with a 08-Depression error. I checked all the flow pats, did a full cleaning even behind the service and blast doors, checked the air line for flow all to no avail. It will sometimes run for up to 4 hours, and other times for about 15 minutes after flame.
Next step I guess is to buy a new Vacustat (flor meter) and see if that fixes it.
Any experience with this?

Second issue is most times when I turn the stove on, I get a message on the display that just says "Service" accompanied with an alarm. It will allow me to start, but I'm not sure what is causing this. I also tried to get in to do a factory reset and it asks for a code.


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Sep 26, 2011
Central NJ
Does your stove have a 3 button control panel, or a 7 button panel?

If you have a 3 button, then your stove is the later "RDS" version. A Depression alarm means either the flue pipe is blocked/restricted, or the pressure switch is not wired correctly, or is defective. (It is actually a pressure switch, not a vacuum switch. It trips its contacts OPEN if the air pressure at the output of the combustion blower gets too high).

If you have the older 7 button version, the Depression alarm is tripped by an open firebox door switch, located by the door latch mechanism. Some have reported that the wiring, or connectors, to the door switch can deform from heat, and then make an intermittent or open electrical connection. The Depression alarm can also be tripped by the pressure switch too, which is wired in-series with the door switch.

On either version of these stoves, the rubber hose should be connected to the "H" nipple of the switch, and the wires should be on the "C" and "NC" electrical switch terminals.

The Service message is tripped by the "Working Hours" timer, which needs a password to reset. See the attached Tech manuals, depending on if you have an RDS stove or not. There are two versions of the RDS tech manual, read both as they mixed-and-matched which info was added and deleted from them.


  • Ecoteck_Technical Manual USA CANADA.pdf
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  • Ravelli RDS TechManual_Rev0.pdf
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  • Ravelli RDS TechManual Rev2.pdf
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Nov 17, 2020
It's a 3 button (RDS).
Thank you. I'll read through those. I guess I can check the wiring on the pressure switch and if that doesn't take care of it, I'll order a new switch. Thank you again for all your help.