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Nov 27, 2012

I've been searching the web for probably two years trying to find a chart listing the BTU values of various wood species. I'm hoping that you- with the seemingly endless amount of data- will be able to help me out. I live in the upper Midwest and heat about 3600 sq. ft of barn converted to my home. We have 24 acres of mixed forest including both hard and soft Maple- Black Walnut- White Black and Red Oak- and an occasional Hickory trees. In the passed 3 years that we've lived here- we've gone through about 25 cords of wood and 2500 gallons of LP gas per season to keep the place reasonably warm. It sometimes seems like a never ending battle to keep up with the woodpile. I've searched your site for the information- which is mentioned- but not been able to locate it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance- JAS


John- you know you are right- I don't have ALL the data in the site yet, but here's the scoop:Soft maple 18.7 Million BTU per cord Red oak 24 Million BTU per cord White Oak 25.7 Million per cord Sugar Maple (hard) 24.0 Million BTU per cord. Sorry- don't see Black Walnut listed- but I assume it's up there with these.The important thing is how efficiently you burn the wood. The cord of good wood contains as much heat as 250+ Gallons of LP gas....if you burn it right !
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