Re: Possible change?

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Jul 22, 2008
Unity/Bangor, Maine
So . . . I know I have fallen behind on my membership dues, but I was wondering if the Powers That Be might consider a small change for a future revision on the site.

Currently when I want to leave a forum such as The Wood Shed, The Gear or The Inglenook I bonk on the logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen (see screen shot).
Re: Possible change?

In the past bonking on The logo would bring you to the main page for all of the threads. At this point I could just jump into another thread and start reading.

Re: Possible change?

Now however when I bonk on The logo it brings me to the Articles Page . . . and I have to take an extra step or two to get back to The Forum/The Thread Page. In the whole scheme of life it isn't a huge deal, but it would be great if bonking on the logo would bring us back to the The Forum and not the Article Page.

Re: Possible change?
Re: Possible change?
That switch happened a couple weeks ago. I found it annoying at first. Less so last week. Now it’s a two click instead of one for me. I get the point of emphasizing those resources for those newer to the site. It’s seems like a fair switch. I like to see the page view data for the articles before and after the switch. In guessing they go up after which probably leads to less repetitive posts on the forums (at least I would like to think it would).
I don't know how much the forum looks the same for everyone. But for me, clicking on "Forums" from the navigation bar is a one-click shot back to the main page of forums....I think this is where you're trying to go?

Thank you Corey . . . that makes for an easy "fix" for me.
No problem. Glad it works! Back in the good ol' days, links were underlined and/or a different color - so you always knew what you could click on. The modern 'clean' page designs take all that away, so it is just sort of a random guessing game for what on the page is clickable or not. Luckily in this case, that header is!