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QandA Posted By QandA, May 8, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    I recently purchased a Martin- free-standing- ventless- propane gas stove with blower. The stove is in my basement which is approximately 1300 square feet of open space. The stove is on one end of the basement and the door and windows are on the other. Upon first using the stove- I was presented with a chlorine-like odor and was told it was just paint burning off the stove.
    After approximately 15 hours of use- the odor was still there. A technician from the dealer came and found black soot on the logs. He said the logs had been positioned incorrectly; he moved them to the "correct" position and said everything would be fine.


    Pamela- something is very wrong with the Stove or setup....Is it LP or Natural gas. If LP- make certain your tank is big enough- and at least 1/3 filled. LP can get "bad" at the bottom of the tank.Do not listen to them about taking out the logs..This can be a quick way to troubleshoot whether the flames are hitting them- but is not the solution.Your stove should work as good or better than that of your friends. The possible problems:
    1. Defect in stove or installation
    2. Low LP in tank or bad LP gas (it's possible)
    3. Paint- carpet or other fresh material in basement which is "out gassing" and causing the problem.In either case- the dealer is responsible for helping you out. You spent a lot of money- and deserve a functioning product.
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