Regency CI2600 issues, door, dark glass, etc.

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Nov 30, 2022
Westminster, MD
Bought my house 14 years ago, and upgraded to a Regency CI2600 about 10 years in from the gas insert the house came with. The stove ran amazing for the first couple years, having never owned a converter stove. Fast forward to today, and I'm having a heck of a time getting the door to close with any sort of ease. I end up having to pull up on the door with the poker to get the door latch to reach. How the hell does anyone adjust this thing? I can't find any info on it, and the installer is useless.

I also can;t keep the glass clear short of burning logs that are only 8" long. Is there a better trick to keeping it clear? I don't think its a down wash firebox, or whatever its called thats supposed to keep it clean. I almost want to rip this thing out and go to a pellet stove.
There is a long but informative thread on this model stove which started when the CI2600 was first released, up to the modern CI2700. There are some good burning tips in it.

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I'm working my way through that thread now. I replaced the rope seal and now the door sits crooked - in on the hinge side and off on the latch side. If I remove a shim though the door is impossible to close. Is there a way to shim the hinge side? My stove only has 3 shims on the latch side.
This post talks about adjusting the hinge side. Hope that helps.
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