Regency stove glass black marks

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Mar 13, 2023
Western Canada
Whether there is flame depends on how much air is fed to the stove. The cat being on or off has no direct influence in that: (in my stove...) I can have flame easily if I just turn it up higher, regardless of whether the cat is engaged.

Now there is a secondary effect that the cat will increase the impedance of the airflow through the stove, and thus *at the same air setting*, engaging the cat will decrease the total flow a bit, which, if one were just above the point of disappearance of the flames, might result in the disappearance of the flame.
Great, thanks. Getting info from multiple sources like this is so helpful.


Feeling the Heat
Aug 25, 2022
yeah the CAT effectively is reducing the amount of air up the flue. If you notice, as soon as you engage it your flames will drop. Generally, my secondary flames go for well over an hour, but there is a point where they will go away.
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