Replaced door gasket on stove now I can barely close the door!

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PA. Woodsman

Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2007
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
So what's the verdict? Did you try a smaller diameter gasket and it worked out? Did I read something saying you accidentally placed it on the stove incorrectly? My local dealer has two gaskets on hand that he's set aside for me in hopes that they're correct. I'm doing to bring the original one with me to see if it's close.

I wondered today about trying a smaller gasket and seeing if it would compress to the desired width...
Well I FINALLY got a gasket put on the old boy, I went with the 3/4" since that is what the company said to put on and I had a guy at a stove shop verify that is correct today, they are the stove shop that bought the business from Carl the owner who I dealt with years ago, and I went with the soft or low density one. I still have to force the door a bit to make it close, but it will compress with time just like the other ones did. I also have the door and the latch as loose as they can be and it is still tight, but I can torque it down if needed in the future. I put it on the best I could, it looks just fine, I closed the door for about 10 minutes then left it open for an hour to air dry as the guy at Rutland told me to do and tomorrow I will cure it with a fire so let's hope this is the end of this "saga".

I talked to the guy at the stove shop where I bought the gasket today and he was somewhat familiar with Dovre as they used to sell them years ago. I told him about the upper left side of the door being not as tight as the rest of the door no matter how I adjust it and he said "those doors on the Auroras always were a little "wonky"....great stoves though" and I have to remember that this stove is 27 years old as my Ford Bronco is 33 years old, and things get a little out of sorts as they age, but I just take care of them both the best that I can!

THANK YOU for the replies and advice, this was quite the learning experience, I never knew that gasket came in different "densities"!