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Corie Posted By Corie, Sep 27, 2008 at 4:55 PM

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  1. precaud

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    Hey Corie,
    Nice design, congrats. What happened to the single rail secondary?
  2. begreen

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    Thanks for dropping in Corie and providing the explanation. I woke up this morning still thinking about this documentation. There was another stove installation posted recently with single-wall pipe that had me concerned because it was too close to the wall. I need to know more about this process as it seems like a user can get into trouble here, especially when the stove is likely to be picked up at a big box store and installed without inspection.

    Expecting that Corie was likely right, I did some digging through stove manuals for stoves that have close clearances and a flue exit towards the rear of the stove. I found the answer in the Quadrafire manuals. In the 3100 manual they have the same situation and son of a gun if they don't show single-wall pipe clearance of 12" for the steptop and 15.5" for the flat top.

    So this begs the question of tested pipe mfg. and NFPA211 clearances vs the stove tested clearances and for this I will start a new thread.

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