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This help file will help Diagnose most Whitfield pellet stoves.

The first thing you need to do is READ THE OWNERS MANUAL
If you dont have one most manufactures have them available on their website.

The basic info will help with ALL Brands of pellet stoves.

The flow charts and are for Advantage II, II-T and plus stoves.

Most of the time following some simple test will save you from replacing parts that DON'T need replacing.
Follow this link

Maintenance Tips
Take care of your stove and it will take care of you.
Most of parts we sell locally and on the Internet are to people that do not maintain their Pellet stoves. Motors will wear down if they are not routinely cleaned.

Follow this link for whitfield but this page will help with most pellet stove problems

Pellet master stove tips

Breckwell Trouble shooting.
There is more links at the bottom of the Breckwell link above for vacuum switch test and Limit switch test

Travis (avalon and Lopi) trouble shooting
there is links at the bottom of this link to PDF guides

Enviro pellet stove help
there is a link on this link to a Enviro PDF guide
Provided by Climate Control Systems. Pellet stove parts supplier since 1990

Some examples of why you need to clean or have your stove serviced every year.
why I pull every convection blower

Behind Firebrick of an advantage II stove
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