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    We have an old heatilator style fireplace that has rusted holes at the rear of the smoke shelf. We have been given a $3600 estimate to cut out part of the heatilator and replace it. Are there any other fixes that would be less costly. Another opinion was to simply close up the vents and ignore the rusted holes and not use it as a heatilator. Thought that sounded dangerous. Any opinions? Thanks!


    You could put a good wood burning insert into the fireplace ($1000 to $1800) and have it relined with a stainless steel pipe...about $1200-1500 if the entire chimney is relined to the top. This is less money - with much better results.

    Also, I think some companies make special kits designed to replace the existing box with masonry or steel panels. <p>
    See the Bellfires link below

    Link: Bellfires
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