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    I am planning to install my stove on a brick hearth with a three foot tall brick wall behind it. Above that is wood paneling. The hole through the wall to the chimney is about three feet up the panel. My plan is to install thimbles both in the chimney and the wall. Also- I plan to cover the paneling with some kind (suggestions?) of heat shield. Does this sound right?Also- I have a friend who just put a rather large coal burner in his barn. All walls and floor are wood. Are there specifications for clearance for the walls and or floor. The stove is NOT airtight


    There is really no standard thing called a "thimble" and most wall pass-throughs are done wrong (unsafe). Consult a professional or the NFPA guidelines for accepted wall pass-throughs.If the particular stove does not have a label or a manual- then it would be wise to use NFPA (National Fire Prevention Assoc.) guidelines. These are available from your local Fire Code Official - and maybe on the net.The basics say that the stove should be 36" from a combustible wall. This can be reduced by proper wall protection. For more information about passing thru walls, see: https://www.hearth.com/what/passing.html

    See the document https://www.hearth.com/what/installstove.html for more info
    A few companies make safe wall pass-throughs that are pre-approved. Heat-Fab makes a nice one available at the link below

    Link: Link to Article Mentioned

    Link: Heat-Fab Wall Pass-Through
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