Saying goodbye to Resolute. Looking for new a new stove.

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Jan 11, 2016
Hi everyone, I wanted to give my VC resolute a worthy send off. It’ll still be burning just not by me. I recently sold my home and it stayed there. I’ve burned with it since 2016 and it heated my house effortlessly. It was my first full install.

That being said once I’m in my new house I’m looking to buy a brand new stove. It’s a cape with a somewhat open plan, about 2200 sq ft. Very well insulated radiant heat. Looks like the stove will go in the open dining area. I’ve heard of issues with the new VCs which is leaning me away from them even though I love the top load. Been looking into BK, Woodstock, PE and Jotul. Would like a burn longer than 10 hours. Thanks!
Saying goodbye to Resolute. Looking for new a new stove.Saying goodbye to Resolute. Looking for new a new stove.
They're all good brands. The choice will depend on how the new stove will be used and whether it will be providing 100% of the heating, or supplementing the primary heating system, or more for nights and weekends. What is the primary heating system in the new house?
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Also, do you already have wood stacked at your new place? These stoves really like their wood dry, as in below 20%.
If not, (get wood split and stacked asap and) consider buying a pallet of sawdust bricks.
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A Woodstock Absolute high-style would be nice, I thought, for SIL1, who's getting older..less bending low to tend the stove. But I ended up going with the PE T5, the simplest and best designed non-cat, it appears to me. Easy, cheap maintenance was also a consideration...since I have to do that stuff. 😏 And she liked the look of the enamel.
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It would be primary about 90% of the time, the current heat is hydronic radiant floor. I've still got 2 cord i didnt use this winter that will move with me and some log lengths ready to be processed at a friends house.
So far I seem to be leaning towards the Woodstock Ideal Steel Hybrid.
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That's a good choice. It's a big, capable heater.
So far I seem to be leaning towards the Woodstock Ideal Steel Hybrid.
It's a big, capable heater.
Initially, it sounded to me like it might be oversized for that sq. footage, well-insulated. That's why I mentioned the Absolute highstyle (and the fact that some people who like top-loading don't want to bend or squat.)
But in the EPA-Certified Wood Stove Database, clicking quick search 2020 Rule and putting in Woodstock, it looks like the Ideal Steel 210a will actually run lower output than the Absolute. If you can get the bigger box and be able to run lower, why not?
Not sure what the (a) signifies...maybe a re-design to get efficiency over 75%, thereby qualifying for the Federal tax credit?