Scan insert - ca 1988 ?

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I’m writing from Europe, Spain. First of all, I would like to say thay this forum is great, lots of information!

We bought a house last year that has oil central heating (radiators) and came with two fireplaces. One is in the walk-out basement and we do not use it, someday we will light it just to see how it goes, but so far haven’t even tried. The other one is in the living room, and we really enjoy a nice fire there. We have very little experience burning wood and do not have a manual for the insert, we are unsure about how best to use it and would like to make the most of it. It is a Scan insert (Danish company), I do not know the model but I asked in a local fireplace business and they told me they thought it was a Scan 6, but do not have any documentation about it, too old, they told me. The house was built in 1988 so I guess that is the age of the insert. I would be very grateful if anyone knows this model and could give me some information about it, or knows if I could get a manual somewhere.


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