Selkirk Model Eagle 5000 any info on this??

Andy H Posted By Andy H, Sep 26, 2012 at 8:10 PM

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    Just got one of these from my buddy for $50 he said it worked perfect when he took it out. He thought that it could be converted to Propane (It's natural gas now) and I figured for $50 I'd take a chance. If it doesn't work on propane then I'm out of luck and will probably just sell it for $50.

    Anyways, I can't find any manual or any info on this thing. Does anybody know anything about this stove? If it can not be converted I wont even waste my time cleaning it all up and making a spot for it in my garage. If it can be converted that would be awesome.

    btw, this is the only info I have on the thing

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    If it's classified as a decorative appliance, it's just gonna burn fuel & not give you any heat. It'll be the same as burning vented gas logs. To me that means it's a natural draft appliance with an open flame. DEFINITELY not for a garage, where there may be flammables in the vicinity...For the price that LP costs these days, I wouldn't burn it. That being said, generally, these items are NOT capable of fuel conversion, kinda like Weber gas grills. Sell it to someone with NG who wants to waste their $$$ by burning it...
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    yeah, these units were dedicated to a specific fuel, and very low quality
    Bob is right on as usual

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