Small saw to go with my CS-590?

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Sep 28, 2021
Have a 14" electric rybobi which works great for trail work but does not last long enough while dealing with dead fall fire wood. Love the cs-590 and its great for bucking up the bigger pieces which I have plenty of but once I work way up the tree becomes a hassle and tireing.

Have been debating a new CS-3510 for $400 cdn but also found a descent looking CS-370 for $250 cdn.

What do you all recommend for a smaller saw?
That cs370 is supposed to be a good saw. I would buy that. I don't think it is a "strato" saw, while the 3510 might very well be. I have no personal experience with those models, but I'm a bit of a saw freak and have read some things about them and have held a 370 in my hands years ago. Shoulda bought it that day...oh well. I had no idea at the time how handy a small lightweight saw could be. If that 370 is in really nice shape snap it up.

I have a 590 and a bunch of other saws.

I went out on a limb and bought a zenoah 2500 copy chinese top handle this spring (amazon). I am shocked at how capable this 25cc saw is! I have a 40cc saw too. You may not want a top handle, but my point is that some of these little saws are very capable cutters.

Just for giggles, and because it's so light and handy, I cut a couple of cords or more of my firewood solely with the 25cc saw. Other than the bending down to buck, it's nice to run a very lightweight saw. I dropped several 10-14" beetle-killed pines with the 25cc saw no problem, other than having to pay attention to line up my cuts as it is unnatural for me to run a top handle at this point. Then I bucked them up with the bar buried over and over again. It's all about the sharpening job..

Those 590's are decent, but handle kinda like a cinder block so limbing is a lot nicer with almost anything else.

If I was going to recommend a small saw it would unquestioningly be a Dolmar 420/421/Makita 4300. However makita is no longer supporting their gas equipment so parts will become an issue sooner rather than later. I have a Dolmar 420 and it is a cadillac of a saw.
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