Smell from my Jotul Lillehammer

Jowatts Posted By Jowatts, Aug 13, 2017 at 12:02 AM

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    I've owned this Jotul direct vent (side) natural gas stove for 15+ years. It really puts out the heat for a small stove. It has not been moved since installed. Over the past couple of years I've noticed what I would describe as exhaust emanating from the stove. (Not raw gas.) I can smell it coming out of the top grill even when only the pilot is on. (My carbon monoxide detector shows '0'. Last winter I turned the stove off and used an electric heater, but it's not practical and really didn't keep the room warm.) I believe (hope) it's the gasket around the removable front glass. I ordered a replacement from my local dealer but am unable to remove the glass from its frame. The self adhesive gasket goes between the glass and the frame and folds over. I'm handy with tools (I'm an upholsterer) but don't want to break the glass in the attempt to separate the glass and frame. Thanks!
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    I know you have a Lillehammer & not an Allagash, but the glass replacement procedure should be the same.

    Glass Panel or Gasket Replacement

    Remove the glass retainer by releasing the clips on either side & pulling straight up.
    Place the frame on a flat surface with the inner side up.
    Remove the glass retainer clips from each corner of the frame with a small pair of pliers.
    Note. They may be hidden by the gasketing material.
    Wrap the new gasketing material evenly around the edge of the glass, peeling back the protective strip to expose the adhesive as you go. Press the adhesive side down onto the glass surface. Do not stretch the gasket.
    Place the gasketed glass within the frame and press each of the retainer clips back into place on the retainer walls.
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    Odds are the gasket isn't your issue. Many times what you are describing is simply a result of dust and possibly pet dander resting on the stove fire box. Both can put off an odor similar to electric base board heaters the first time you turn them on in the fall. You have two choices to help resolve the issue 1- turn the unit on high And let it burn for a couple hours on a warm day with windows open. That should dissipate the odor. 2- wipe down the fire box with water and a mild cleaner to remove any of the dust or pet dander.

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