Smoke detector detector?

nola mike

Minister of Fire
Sep 13, 2010
Richmond/Montross, Virginia
I currently have First Alert wireless smoke detectors in my house. They're OK (don't love them though), and were a fair investment. Wired alarms aren't an option. My biggest thing is that I want everywhere in my house to alarm if the CO or smoke alarms go off anywhere, which these do. I was reading about alexa guard on the echo devices, which detect the sound of a standard alarm and then send an alert to your phone. Which is cool, but not of much use when I'm asleep. Looking for a system that would be able to listen for an alarm, and then broadcast it to other devices in the house. Saw a few that might do that, but were too expensive to be practical. Mainly, I'd like to gradually replace the first alert units with something more basic as they fail. When I end up with all basic units, I can reevaluate putting in a whole new system or sticking with the rebroadcast tech.


Feb 21, 2020
North East, Pa
We went with Google Nest Products, our current heat source is a LP Hot Water Boiler with 4 zones. We replaced the old Honeywell thermostats with Nest Gen 3 Learning thermostats so far we love them. The reason I bring this up is that we also are installing Nest Protect CO/Smoke Detectors (100$ US), if CO is detected we have the settings so that it notifies us but also shuts off the call for heat thus shutting off the most likely cause of CO.