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    Craig, We live in a home built in New Brunswick in the late 70's. The home has a single wood fireplace, about 2' by 3', permanently installed in the wall shared by the living room and an enclosed garage. The chimney vents through a regulation (I had it check out) stove pipe on the roof. The fire is for aesthetic purposes and not used to heat the home. We burn hardwood obtained from local woodsmen. We do not smell smoke when the fire is burning, or experience eye irritation, but I am concerned about a deposit of smoke (after 4 or 5 evening fires) on the walls and inside windows in the living area in the vicinity of the fireplace, and even some in rooms on the same level quite far removed from the fireplace. Is there some simple explanation, or do you need to know more? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. amedders@sympatico


    It sounds wierd. Woodsmoke leaves a telltale trace, like a small, or setting off smoke detectors. I'd check other source, such as: 1. Make certain your central furnace is OK
    2. DOn't use candles in excess..or at all
    3. Do you start a car in an attached garage?
    4. If your kitchen exhaust fan vented to the outside? (cooking vapors)

    You might also consider installing an outside air intake into the fireplace.
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