Smoke in house regency small classic insert

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New Member
Nov 1, 2021
Eastern Nebraska
I wish the video was working correctly because I have a good hot fire going. I open up the stove. Flames shoot out followed by the smoke. Its rather frustrating. I feel like the draft is weak. The install guy is not being very responsive on what to do to remedy the situation. I'm thinking extend the stove pipe by a few feet, but would like direction on if that makes sense.


Minister of Fire
Feb 16, 2014
No, the original stove they put in was factory defective. The quote you pulled was from the previous stove. The air control lever on the bottom of the stove was not functioning and not letting air into the stove like it was supposed to. That is why I would have to leave the door cracked. I have a moisture meter. All my wood is at about 13-14%. That is even checked after I split it.
My apologies

Regency i1150

New Member
Feb 3, 2023
I had a very similar problem with my stove but ended up solving it about a month ago. It is a regency i1150 insert installed 3 years ago by the local Regency dealer. Ever since it was installed I suffered with weak draft, and didn’t get much heat from the stove. Whenever I opened the door smoke rolled out. There was always a fairly strong smell of smoke in the house when the insert was running. Smoke in the house was worse when first starting the fire, then seemed to get better as the stove got hotter. I’ve never had a woodstove before so initially I thought it was due to something I was doing wrong. After three years I’d almost given up on it. About a month ago after suffering through another very smoky start up I decided to take it all apart to see if I could tell what was happening. I took the face plate off, then the tubes, baffles, etc so I could see how the liner connected to the back of the stove. It was then that I discovered the problem. The offset flue adapter that connects the stove outlet to the liner had not been bolted to the stove. It appears that the installers pushed the stove in to my fireplace but then never installed the bolts between the stove and flue adapter. The manual talks about installing these bolts in step eight of the section titled “ installing your insert“ and even says if they are not tight you will have an exhaust leak at the back of the stove. On my stove the offset flu adapter was not fully pushed in to the stove. There was about a 1 inch gap between the back of the stove and the offset flu adapter where smoke could come out into my house instead of going up the liner. After installing the bolts properly my stove has great draft and no smoke is getting into my house while using it. Just wanted to share in case someone else has this problem. See attached picture of the gap between the offset blue adapter and the insert.