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QandA Posted By QandA, May 20, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Dear Friend,
    we live in Israel. We are having problems with our Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim. It is smoking out the door and top whenever we load it, and also when these doors are closed. Can you help?


    Sue- It's great hearing from Israel ! I don't want to oversimplify your problem- but from the sounds of it- you have some sort of blockage in your chimney (or in the stove). I'd check the chimney first- as my experience with Acclaims is that the air intakes and exhaust do not easily get clogged. Check:
    1. The chimney- from top to bottom
    2. The flue outlet of the stove (a bird or some large chunks of creosote could have fallen down inside it )
    3. The air inlet control (under the front of your stove --check it visually or stick your fingers in it while you move the air control to assure your self that it is opening and closing. The Resolute Acclaim does require a good draft to operate- and chimney draft can vary at different times of year (barometric pressure- temp- weather- etc.)- so the most puzzling aspect of your situation is that it worked good before. The taller the chimney- the better- and make sure all stovepipe- and the connection to the chimney are all sealed with furnace cement. I use an Acclaim myself.... in order to start it I leave the from door cracked open a bit. This gets the wood burning quickly and warms up the chimney....A warm chimney drafts best. Then - after about 10 minutes- I close the door and still leave the damper and air control in the open position. After an hour or so (when I have a decent bed of red coals)- I close the bypass damper. Once the good bed of coals is established- you can just open the damper- reload- and then close the damper--you won't have to wait. In summary- these are the possibilities
    1. Chimney not high enough- not warm enough or strong enough
    2. Blockage in Flue- chimney or stove.
    3. Wet or Unseasoned wood (probably not the cause) Good luck- and please write if you can't solve the problem.

    Link: Vermont Castings Site
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