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Apprentice_GM Posted By Apprentice_GM, Apr 6, 2009 at 12:16 AM

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    G'day All,

    I was after a bit of advice on (powered) log splitter maintenance. I bought a cheap 7-ton or 3 HP electric (see bottom for specs) splitter almost a year ago, and initially it split some medium (12" to 16" diameter and ~18" long) blue-gum rounds I had pretty well, Even if it wasn't delivering a full 7 ton it was splitting what I wanted and I was happy. Less than a year later it struggles to split much smaller blue-gum rounds and even some conifer rounds, which being a soft wood it should rip through IMHO. I know it's cheap, and low-rated, but I was wondering if there was some kind of maintenance I could do, or something to check, to ensure I am getting at least the original power. I know nothing about hydraulics or maintenance of them. I had a look and couldn't find any leaking oil, and I figure the seals are fine being less than a year old. It has the right amount of hydraulic oil and it's the original type recommended and supplied with the splitter (unchanged). I have only used it for maybe 30 hours or so, how often does the hydraulic oil need to be changed out? Would sharpening the wedge help? It doesn't appear to be that blunt or require sharpening. Is there a way I can run a test on it to measure the approximate pressure delivered by the splitter? Sometimes it appears to run better cold, almost as if after warming up the oil heats and thins, thus reducing pressure or something. It has a fan blowing across a heatsink or finned section of the motor and the fins never get too hot to touch. Am I just experiencing tougher rounds later in my splitting or is there something to my theory?

    I was thinking of upgrading to a larger petrol powered model (~22 ton) anyway, but I would like to utilise this in the meantime until I do, and even if selling would like to ensure the buyer gets the best use out of it. With petrol powered models, can I assume there is just the usual 4-stroke engine maintenance to take care of in addition to any advice given pertinent to this electric splitter? Thanks in advance!

    # Splits logs up to 520mm long x 250mm diameter.
    # 3HP/2.2kw motor
    # Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 3.4 litres
    # 240v Electric single phase power
    # Ram travel - 400mm
    # Ram diameter - 30mm
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