Steel stove top rust

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Zach Hoyt

Feb 11, 2015
Orwell NY
I bought a Century FW2800 stove last summer for the house I was renovating and it has been great as our primary heat source. I kept two old pots of water on top of the stove last winter to try to keep the humidity up to 40% or more because I build musical instruments and have usually from 10 to 20 on hand at any given time. The top of the stove has an overall layer of surface rust and I'd like to spiff it up a bit before the coming winter. The stove blacking type products I have seen all say they are only for cast iron stoves. I can also paint the top with high temperature paint, but would prefer something that would be less smelly and easier to reapply more often. I'll be grateful for any advice.
Don't use the stove black or polish. It builds up a residue that will prevent paint from bonding. Wirebrush the rust off, then steel wool to smooth down the finish. Wipe very clean with denatured alcohol. Then paint the top with Stove Brite Satin Black. It will look like new. For the upcoming season, it would be good to look into a humidifier. Or get some large stainless steel pots that do not leave any rust marks.
Thanks for the recommendation. I'll get some, but I'm wondering if you would recommend the spay can or brush version. Thank you very much.
For a smooth, factory finish I like the spray. I usually do 3 light coats. Stove Brite dries very quickly between coats if not applied too heavily. The whole job can be done in a couple of hours.
Thank you very much. I've ordered a can and will move the stove out on the porch once it comes. We've still got some warm weather ahead.
Sounds good. As long as the temps are above 55º you can paint. With light coats, it will be dry to the touch within 15 minutes.