Stihl 026 Pro

NH_Wood Posted By NH_Wood, Jan 21, 2013 at 10:46 PM

  1. mikefrommaine

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    You've got to get yourself a wild thing to set next to your saws. Won't lose any sales when they pick one of those up.
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  2. NH_Wood

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    Dec 24, 2009
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  3. MasterMech

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    I've not paid for packaging yet, in fact, I get it shipped here for free all the time. ;) UPS, FedEx and USPS will pick up packages from my doorstep too. I can pack, print label/postage, and ship without stepping foot off this place. Ebay fees do in fact add up but with this MS260 as case in point, often items sell at top dollar. The same saw might get a few phone calls listed on CL locally @ $300 and most likely would have sold for $250 or thereabouts.

    Plus, I don't have to worry about some asshat showing up and insisting that the saw is only worth $50 "'cause it needs a new head gasket." :rolleyes:

    CL is a shark tank, and you gotta be careful what and from whom you buy. There are a lot of hack artists out there trying to flip equipment and get rich.
  4. StihlHead

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    You obviously live in some other world than the one I do. I would say of the two, Ebay is by far the larger shark tank that you have to be wary of what you buy and from whom. I have returned more saws on Ebay than I have kept, all for condition reasons. I no longer buy any saws on Ebay for that reason. On CL if you do not like a saw, you can just walk away. You can run the saw and test it out ahead of time. Also my Ebay account was hacked into and they sold Kawasaki jet skis using my 100% positive feedback account. It took me weeks to get my account restored and resolved. On CL they cannot do that. I have sold, I dunno, maybe 50 saws on CL in the past few years, and I never had ONE person try to tell me it was a bad saw or low ball me. They usually want to knock off some dollars, but I stick to my prices. I had one guy not like a cement mixer I was selling and he tried to low ball me, and I said no. No biggie, he left. I sold it to the next guy that came to look at it the next day. You sell an item to someone on Ebay and they give you bad rep and you are hosed. Nothing you can do about that.

    I will stick with CL, thank you veddy much. You can have Ebay.

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