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Jbg_100 Posted By Jbg_100, Apr 26, 2013 at 3:27 PM

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    Apr 26, 2013

    I just bought an investment property and there was a Fisher Wood Stove/Fireplace in it. I'm having to remove it do to safety issues for my incoming tenants but I was curious if anyone could help me ID this thing.

    It has a plate riveted to the back with the Patent number D237788 and the serial number 6693.

    Any help would be appreciated as it is real nice and clean but I just don't know anything about these types of things.


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    Moved your thread over to the Fisher forum where plenty of info exists.

    1979 Grandma or Grandpa depending on width of top plate. Normally Grandma will have 5 full bricks across back, Grandpa will have 6. That's an easy way to tell without measuring.

    This was the first year for the arched top doors called "Cathedral". They co-existed in '79 with the older flat top doors or optional new style Cathedral. In 1980, the angle iron down the corners was dropped and the stove body was bent at the corners made of one piece. They also dropped the flat top doors in 1980 and the Cathedral was the only style available until closing in 1988.

    Given your location, it's probably a stove from "Fisher Stoves South East" in Georgia. The tag should have the manufacturer and location. Many stove bodies were made at Hesston in Kansas for Fisher when the many fabricators across the country couldn't make them fast enough. (60,000 behind at one point) The welders in GA normally initialled the bottom with a welding rod. Both when building, or the welder hanging the doors, and cutting the vent, normally under the ash fender. Stove boxes were welded up without doors since there were various doors and vent outlet positions that would be finished when sold. Hence two initials.

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