Stove options???

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Mar 20, 2024
North Dakota
My home is new construction and 1800 sq ft, wanting stove that will heat 2000 sq feet
Ash pan
Ash lip
Fire brick lined
Long burn time
At least 20” log
Main source of heating and using furnace blower.
Is my option Osburn 2000
Pacific Energy Summit Classic
Quadra Fire 4300 Step Top
What do you recommend please??
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200 sq ft or 2000 ?

200 is really tiny. Osburn 2000 will already be far too large.
Moreover, a stove that doesn't cook you out of a 200 sq ft room will necessarily be small, and thus necessarily have a short burn time.
The only technology to have fairly low output and long burn times is catalytic...

So, I think you should look at something else than a wood stove if the 200 sq ft is correct.
Stove options??? Stove options???

Just kidding. I’m sure you meant 2000.
The Osburn 2000 is good for an 1800 sq ft home if the floorplan is relatively open. You will usually get a longer burn time by foregoing the 20" E/W load requirement and instead burning 16" wood for N/S loading.
On another note, if this is the reason for asking for 20" capable stoves, there are threads here about jigs made to load wood in and cut it with a chainsaw to size in larger batches.